"Eduen offers the world a way out of this dilemma – a systematized solution based on five foundational success keys."

"Eduen shows respect, proven ability, technical expertise, willingness and passion to implement solutions."

The Eduen Solution...

A Global Plan
Clearly, there is no “magic pill” to escape the unhealthy conditions and threatening elements so prevalent in today’s environment.

Eduen offers the world a way out of this dilemma – a systematized solution based on five foundational success keys:

• A respect for the land and a dedication to enriching our soils.

• The proven ability to provide high-nutrient, ultra-fresh foods.

• The technological expertise to supply clean, pure water in abundance.

• A willingness to work with effective alternative healthcare methodologies, both new and old.

• The passion to develop eco-protective, green-living technologies, including alternative energy innovations.

This section describes the various strategies and tactics that Eduen will employ to achieve positive results through the use of its systematic approach.

Implementation of Solutions/Plan Components

The following outline describes the primary components of Eduen’s 20-year strategic plan and how the organization will, over the next two decades, implement solutions to address worldwide problems in the critical categories of food, water, healthcare, and fuel/energy:


These three major developments are the flagship projects that will launch the global expansion of The Eduen Federation. They are the foundation of all Eduen efforts for the next twenty years, and beyond. They are the cornerstones around which the entire Eduen strategy is built.

• EDUEN GARDENS Health Spa & Learning Center

The worldwide headquarters of the Eduen Federation will be housed within 154 picturesque acres in Gresham, Oregon, just outside Portland. With the look and feel of a world-class resort, this showcase facility will feature extensive amenities for the transformation, rejuvenation, and regeneration of the human mind, body, and spirit. In addition, advanced research and teaching functions will be provided: (1) to facilitate learning regarding growing, preparing, and consuming clean, healthy foods (2) to impart information regarding the impact of water on optimum health (3) to teach how to develop and maintain the proper mindset for a healthy lifestyle (4) to instill efficient exercise regimens that will effectively condition the body (5) to introduce an effective, affordable healthcare approach to help the entire family avoid illnesses, unnecessary hospital stays, and the high cost of today’s medical services.

The visual center of the complex will be an attractive, multi-story Lodging, Meeting, and Restaurant facility.

The Eduen Gardens themselves represent the primary functional component of the Health Spa & Learning Center. These 50 acres of working gardens will also provide a visually interesting backdrop for all other activities in the complex. The purpose of The Eduen Gardens is to demonstrate the importance and value to life of fresh, ripe Living Foods, raised in remineralized soil; rich with worms and mycorhizza; grown from heirloom seeds; and consumed as Living Food within six hours after being removed from the soil. This method of growing food will correct harmful uses of natural resources, transforming the environment beyond mere survival levels. The Eduen Gardens concept will be expanded domestically and internationally through the licensing of these proprietary methodologies.

Eduen’s SupraNatural Foods are the products provided by The Eduen Gardens. As The Eduen Gardens proliferate through licensees across the U.S. and to other nations worldwide, SupraNatural Foods will become a major resource to the planet. Because SupraNatural Foods are intended for consumption within six hours after removal from the ground, Eduen is also acquiring a 50% interest in a branded line of prepackaged organic products, Fresh Harvest. Sold through supermarkets, specialty food stores and club stores, the Fresh Harvest label includes pasta, tomatoes, olive oils, coffee, cheese, and chicken, with many additions on the way. Also, under development is a companion enterprise, Artisans Café, a chain of organic eating establishments. Fresh Harvest/Artisan Café will highly diversify Eduen within the organic food category by distribution channels, as well as by product type. Now, Eduen will be positioned well to become the “First Global Organic Food Company.”

The Eduen Soil Group is a component that is closely related to The Eduen Gardens and to SupraNatural Foods. This highly important group offers the basic capabilities of rebuilding damaged soil through the massive use of earthworms and the humus they provide. The sales of earthworms will be a vital service to Eduen licensees and to other growers throughout the world.

The Blue Sky Dome Construction Group will also play an essential role with The Eduen Gardens and with SupraNatural Foods. The functions of this group involve the Blue Sky Dome, a patented, copyrighted, spiral-designed domed structure. This domed hemisphere is both practical and economical to construct and maintain. Under the Blue Sky Dome, additional Eduen Gardens can quickly spring up around the world, providing SupraNatural Foods in key areas globally, including those currently faced with famine and drought.

The Eduen Water Marketing Group addresses the impact pure, clean water has on human health. The Eduen Water Marketing Group will market high-quality functional/therapeutic waters under an aggressive branding program. Through the acquisition of equity positions in key water technologies, this group is expected to quickly make very large contributions to Eduen revenues and profits.

The Oasis Rejuvenation Center is sure to be one of the most popular attractions at the Health Spa & Learning Center. The Center will provide exercise, health, fitness and human energy education, as well as massage therapy, skincare treatments, and other spa-related services.

The Barefoot Doctors Academy is another major feature of the Health Spa & Learning Center. This Academy implements a healthcare system combining the best of eastern and western practices in allopathic and complementary medicine. Additionally, it will oversee two residential facilities – one for senior citizens and another for troubled youth – as well as providing day care services through a third location.

The Eduen Environmental Group is dedicated to adding organizations, products and services to The Federation that enhance Eduen’s capability to improve the environment and conserve natural resources. The first such addition will be a 50% ownership position in Salus Group, Inc., a company that offers a comprehensive line of environmentally-friendly products and services to both the commercial and consumer markets. In addition, Eduen will also acquire 50% equity in a “green energy” company, Centura Energy, LLC. Eduen will erect a 29,000-sq. ft., environmentally-friendly power generation plant to: (1) supply its own electricity within the Health Spa & Learning Center, and (2) sell the plant’s excess capacity to local/regional utilities at an attractive profit. Mergers and acquisitions such as these will play a significant role in the Eduen growth strategy.

The Eduen Education and Outreach Group is critically important to the longer-term growth and success of Eduen, Inc., and The Eduen Federation. As described earlier, the Eduen mission is centered around outreach and education regarding the relationship between the environment, foods, and human health. That message must be gotten out and must be spread.

To accomplish these important objectives, a comprehensive, multi-faceted experiential education and outreach program has been developed: (1) Experiential educational facilities will be provided onsite within the grounds of the Health Spa & Learning Center. Here, The Eduen University will instruct licensees and other students on Eduen Gardens’ methods and techniques. (2) The Eduen University, in conjunction with the onsite restaurant operations, also will offer a Chef School and a Cooking School available to the general public, as well as to registered guests of the Health Spa & Learning Center. These experiential cooking schools will provide instruction on the proper preparation of SupraNatural Foods, featuring recipes developed in, or approved by, The Eduen Test Kitchens. (3) Additionally, a publishing and production operation will be established to augment outreach efforts through the use of instructional and informative books, newsletters, DVDs, videos, CDs, other live presentation/teaching materials, as well as online techniques such as ezines, webinars, etc. (4) Regularly scheduled tours of the Health Spa & Learning Center facilities also will be conducted to help demonstrate the Eduen mission to school children, spa guests, and the public at large.

* THE EDUEN Showcase of Green Living

An extension of the Eduen headquarters in Gresham, Oregon, this facility will be developed on 1,080 acres at Crooked River Canyon in Sisters, Oregon, about 90 miles east of Gresham. The complex will be divided into three sections: (a.) a vocational college campus dedicated to higher learning in the Environmental Sciences (100 acres); (b.) an Eduen Health Spa & Advanced Treatment Center (100 acres); (c.) and approximately 880 acres highlighting real world, working examples of enviro-villas (for rent to students, spa guests, etc.), green businesses (windmill energy generation, ion electro magnetic power plants and engine development, leading-edge water processing plants, etc.), and green living agricultural projects (SupraNatural Foods/Blue Sky Domes organic gardens, reforestation tree plantations, etc.).

• EDUEN PARADISE Health Spa & Natural Healing Center

The first international extension of the Gresham headquarters, this high-end, luxury development will cover 171 acres on the Hawaiian Island of Kuai. It will offer many spa features similar to those provided at the mother facility in Gresham. In addition, the Natural Healing Center will also specialize in herbal therapies, utilizing fresh herbs grown largely on-premise.


During the first six years of the Eduen rollout plan, nine additional Eduen Gardens Health Spas & Learning Centers will be built. Just as the original site at Gresham, Oregon, will serve as Eduen’s International Headquarters, these nine replications of approximately 150 acres each will function as Regional Headquarters for all Eduen activities. One Eastern Regional site and one Midwestern site are planned for the U.S., and seven International Regional Headquarters are slated for Western Europe, South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Australia, Asia, and Eastern Canada.


Ten Eduen Showcase of Green Living expansion locations are projected for development within the first seven years -- three additional sites in the U.S. (one in the East, one in the Midwest, and one in the South Central), plus seven International facilities (Western Europe, South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Australia, Asia, and Eastern Canada).


The Eduen expansion plan also calls for the duplication of the Kuai facility in four additional paradise locations (approximately 175 acres each) during the first six years of the Eduen roll-out. The areas identified currently for these developments are: The Mediterranean, Latin America, New Zealand, and Asia.


Starting in the third year of the Eduen expansion, development of Eduen Infinity Gardens will begin on 40- to 60-acre sites. Ninety-four of these garden facilities are planned – 50 in the Continental United States and 44 in international locations (Western Europe, South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Australia, Asia, Canada, Hawaiian Islands, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, Alaska, Jamaica, etc.). Whenever possible, Infinity Garden sites will be located in smaller towns with a strong collegiate presence, where attitudes are typically more open to new ways of living. The primary function of these gardens will be to grow Eduen’s SupraNatural Foods, plus, when feasible, each location will also include a restaurant, a retail produce store, and a Lumina water plant.


Lumina is a water systems company with a successful track record and a virtually unlimited potential. The firm has developed proprietary technologies that enable several different types of water-oriented businesses, including bottled water, resort-style spas, and metropolitan day spas. Lumina water is unique in terms of its taste characteristics and its health-supporting attributes.

The Eduen strategic plan includes four types of Lumina enterprises:

• 200 large water production and bottling plants (400,000-gallon daily capacity).

• 200 smaller water production and bottling plants (200,000-gallon daily capacity).

• 33 resort-style spa facilities.

• 214 day spa's located in metropolitan areas.

The various Lumina sites will be built in locations across the U.S. and around the globe according to the company’s specific criteria.


The Blue Sky Dome Construction Group was discussed above. As previously stated, Blue Sky Domes are integral to the fabrication of all Eduen Garden projects and to the cultivation of SupraNatural produce. This strategic plan includes timetables and costs to complete two vital steps in the Blue Sky Dome development process:

• Prototype design, construction, and first-phase product testing.

• Beta testing of a full-scale development, combining the use of Blue Sky Domes with Eduen’s SupraNatural food growing techniques.


Centura Energy, LLC, owns valuable, proprietary intellectual property – a revolutionary engine and fuel concept to help the world run transportation vehicles of all types and sizes, heat and cool homes, and power industries. The Eduen 20-year rollout plan provides timetables and cost estimates to initiate and complete the first three steps in Centura’s expansion:

• In addition to the prototype that currently exists, a larger engine prototype will be constructed, as well as a fully functional fuel production lab.

• Following testing and refinement of this engine prototype, a minimum of 30 Centura engine and fuel production plants will be built within 18 years – 10 plants within the United States and 20 in foreign locations.

• To provide power to homes and businesses, 280 Centura Power Plants are projected in the Eduen plan to be built within two decades. Approximately 200 of these facilities will be constructed in the U.S. and about 80 will be placed in other countries.


Eduen is planning acquisitions in nine Eduen Federation member companies. Fifty percent equity interests, and/or fifty percent participation in income streams, are being negotiated with these organizations: Fresh Harvest packaged organic foods, Artisans Café organic food eating establishments, Salus Group eco-friendly products/services, Lumina Water Technologies, Sacred Source Water, Nelson Water, M Water, Centura Energy Technologies, and Black Diamond Steel. These equity holdings and resultant income streams will substantially accelerate Eduen’s operational breakeven, positive cash flow, and balance sheet strengths in cash reserves, assets, and stockholders equity/net worth.


Several components within The Eduen Federation will require strong marketing and marketing communications programs (public relations/publicity, advertising, sales promotion, etc.) to realize their optimum market shares and sales volumes. Primary among these marketing-sensitive components are: The Three Cornerstone developments and all their expansion sites; Eduen Infinity Gardens; Lumina bottled water, resort-style spas, and metropolitan day spas; Blue Sky Domes; Centura Energy engines, fuel, and power; Fresh Harvest packaged organic foods; Artisans Cafes; and Salus products and services. The monies for these marketing and communications efforts will be administered by appropriate specialists from a central corporate fund.


Four highly specialized operating units will be required to build a sufficiently strong infrastructure to manage and implement the ambitious global expansion of The Eduen Federation:

The Design Group

- Develop and customize Eduen architectural themes to various worldwide geographical, topographical, and cultural conditions.

- Create virtual computer graphic “fly throughs,” “sandbox” models, and symbolic schematics.

- Provide design counsel and talent to help develop and produce audio/visual sales presentations, training aids, etc.

The Legal Group

- Contracts

- Intellectual Property Protection

- Licensing

- Tax Law

- General Business Legal Counsel

The Business Development Group

- Mergers & Acquisitions

- New Venture Incubation

- Growth Cycle Management

- Capital Acquisition, Allocation, and Management

- Business Value Enhancement through Intellectual Property Management

- Brand Development and Management

- Corporate Strategic Planning

The International Group

- International Law

- International Business Management

- International Marketing

By definition, the professionals working in these operating units must have highly specialized training, knowledge, and talent in their respective areas of expertise. These groups will be responsible for providing their specialties to Eduen, Inc.; members of The Eduen Federation; Eduen licensees; and, at some point, outside clients.


An integral part of the strong Eduen infrastructure described above will be to establish good working relationships with qualified outside professional firms and independent contractors. CPA firms and Advertising Agencies are examples of the outside companies that will be needed to extend the capabilities of the Eduen corporate staff and the Eduen operating units. Freelance artists, freelance writers, and individual consultants are examples of possible independent contractor relationships.

A few outside professionals have already provided their time and talents during Eduen’s formation and funding stages. These individuals and firms have deferred their project compensation and/or success fees until funding is acquired.

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